Rubble andesite

Andesite is a volcanic rock. The texture of andesite is dense or porous. It is a close relative of basalt. In contrast to basalts, Andesite сontains the impurities of biotite (hornblende), orthopyroxene, clinopyroxene, plagioclase. Accordingly, andesite is named as hornblende, pyroxene, plagioclase and biotite. The amount of impurities can reach up to 70%. If you compare andesite and basalt, the total amount of dark-colored minerals in the basalt is greater. The transition differences between andesite and basalt are named andesibasalt, andesidicite (сontains the dacite).

Andesite has dark gray or almost black, sometimes with a green tinge, color.

Application of andesite.

Andesite is the one of the best materials for lining, in particular to build the structures of plants of acid production. It is used for lining all kinds of towers, industrial refrigerators and sedimentation tanks.

Also, andesite can be used in the form of flour / rubble to buid the acid-resistant concretes and cements. According to own structural and morphological features, andesite is close to the basalt, and therefore it is widely used as well as basalt.

The main application  of andesite in the construction is the use of andesite as a stone-slab in facing internal and external works.

Rubble andesite is acid-resistant, strong, weather-resistant, therefore it is an excellent filler to produce the various types of concrete in road construction (paving roads, areas) and the erection of foundations.

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Rubble andesite 5 – 10 from 210,00
Rubble andesite 20 – 40 from 210,00
Rubble andesite 40 – 70 from 210,00
Andesite booth from 205,00
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