Rubble basalt

Basalt is the most common rock in the world. It has the dark gray, black or green-black color.

Basalt is very heavy and strong stone, resistant to high temperatures, to acids and alkalies, does not absorb moisture. Ecologically safe.

Rubble basalt is used:

  • As a filler of heavy concrete;
  • For the production of facing plates, etc .;
  • As a base to product the high-strength surface of high-speed national roads;
  • To construct the railways and highways;
  • As a raw material to product the basalt fiber and other materials by foundries plant


Products Product fraction Price, UA hrn*
Rubble basalt 5 – 10 from 163,00
Rubble basalt 10 – 20 from 157,00
Rubble basalt 8 – 120 from 170,00
*This price list is not a public offer. All prices are for 1 ton, VAT inclusive, “EXW” terms.


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