Rubble granite

Company “PC “Energy Resources of Ukraine” supplies the wholesale volume of rubble granite (all fractions).

Small fraction (up to 20).

The main purpose: the production of concrete, asphalt, reinforced concrete structures, paving of tracks on private plots, laying and repair of roads.

The average fraction (20-40).

This is the most popular fraction (more affordable in the price category) – is used for the construction of dwellings, buildings, buildings, for the sinking of a low-load roadway.

Large fraction (40-70).

It’s ideal to construct the high-performance road surfaces, It’s used to create access roads for heavy equipment. In general, this fraction is used to construct the site when a strong and hard surface is required.

We do not sell the rubble granite only. We are in a position to deliver ordered goods to the destination required by the Clients. So you can buy granite gravel right now, without attracting your own transport.

Products Product fraction Price, UA hrn*
Rubble granite 5 – 10 from 200,00
Rubble granite 10 – 20 from 191,00
Rubble granite 5 – 20 from 210,00
Rubble granite 20 – 40 from 140,00
Rubble granite 40 – 70 from 140,00
Rubble cubiform 5 – 10 to order
Rubble cubiform 5 – 20 to order
*This price list is not a public offer. All prices are for 1 ton, VAT inclusive, “EXW” terms.


The cost of the ton of products depends on the volume of the order and terms of delivery – we provide our Clients with transportation services and could deliver the goods to any point of destination which will be indicated by our Clients.

To buy the Rubble granite in bulk with delivery to your destination as soon as possible, to take the complete information about our products, order T&D, please, contact our sales department:

+380 68 887 2108  /  +380 44 228 3532


Rubble granite Certificates:

Rubble 5 – 10 Rubble 5 – 20
Rubble 10 – 20 Rubble 20 – 40