Rubble gravel

Company “PC “Energy Resources of Ukraine” supplies the wholesale volume of rubble gravel (all fractions). We’ll deliver your order in time.

Rubble gravel (crushed gravel) is produced by high-tech specialized equipment by crushing natural rock. The strength of rubble gravel is quite high. As result, rubble gravel is one of the most popular building materials. The strength of gravel crushed is a little less then strength of granite crushed.

Rubble gravel (crushed gravel) has more low level of radiation background compared to rubble granite. So the rubble gravel is used by civil construction, municipal services, construction of residential buildings, as well as for the construction of buildings where the radiation background is extremely important.

Due to own properties – high strength, frost resistance, longevity, rubble gravel is used in building and repair work in large volumes. In general, rubble gravel is used in erection of concrete structures, construction of railways.

Fraction 5 -20. This fraction of the rubble gravel is the one of the most popular and demanded in the construction. This rubble gravel is used as reinforcing part of  concrete structures.  This fraction of the rubble gravel is widely used by road construction as a top layer of road surface also.

Fraction 20-40. This fraction of the rubble gravel is used by production of concrete structures, which does not require special strength and high strength of the structure. Also, this fraction of the rubble gravel is used by with low-rise construction, construction of private cottages to put the first layer of the foundation. Besides, This fraction of the rubble gravel is used to create a road surface at construction sites or places where small repairs of the roadway are carried out, to fill the pits and caverns.  Faction 40-70. The rubble gravel of this fraction is distinguished by the highest strength and durability compared with the rubble gravel of other fractions. It is used to reinforce concrete structures, to put laying foundations, to strengthen structures during installation one in to the ground. Also, this kind of rubble gravel is used to create embankments over the railroads.

Products Product fraction Price, UA hrn*
Rubble gravel 20 – 40 from 295,00
Rubble gravel 5 – 10 from 355,00
Rubble gravel 5 – 20 from 355,00
*This price list is not a public offer. All prices are for 1 ton, VAT inclusive, “EXW” terms.


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