Rubble lime /Dolomite

Rubble lime /Dolomite  is extracted by crushing the rock of natural dolomite. Ruby dolomite has a glass glare and different pictures on the faces. These features are the reason to use the rubble lime for decorative purposes. Depending on the content of various impurities, ruby lime can have different color – white and gray, light pink or even saturated ochre color.

Why this type of rubble has a double name? If the content of dolomite in stone is 75% or more – it is limestone dolomite, if less than 75% – then dolomite limestone.

The benefits of rubble lime

  • Rubble lime has the low levels of radiation. For this reason, ruby lime is used in internal processing of premises as well as to create concrete. Also the ruby lime is used to build the schools and kindergartens.
  • Rubble lime has the high quality scores. Rubble lime has the high indexes of frost resistance, strength and low moisture absorbing property.·
  • The bulk density coefficient of rubble lime is lower than, for example, the bulk density coefficient of rubble granite. As result, Therefore, the consumption of rubble lime in the construction of roads will be less than the consumption of rubble granite.  Obviously, the use of rubble lime is more advantageous in such cases.
  • High binding properties. The rubble lime has the most rough edges (in comparison with other types of rubble). Also, the use of rubble lime increases the bunch of components in the construction. This property can significantly reduce the costs of road construction (in this case, much less binder reagent is required).
  • Low price. The relatively low cost of rubble lime makes this material very popular for any construction site.
  • Decorativity. Due to the large number of shades of color, rubble lime is widely used in interior design applied in interior design for internal furnish of premises.


Products Product fraction Price, UA hrn*
Rubble lime 10 – 40 from 185,00
Rubble lime 20 – 40 from 185,00
Rubble lime 40 – 70 from 210,00
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