Rubble perlite

Perlite is a rock of volcanic origin. As a result of rapid cooling of the lava, obsidian (volcanic glass) is formed. Subsequently, the groundwater penetrates the obsidian, its hydration and the formation of perlite occur. It has a granular structure and easily splits to rounded cores (pearls), reminiscent of pearls with a characteristic luster.

Perlite has a black, green, red-brown, brown, white color of various tones.

Perlite is used by agriculture, metallurgy, medicine, energy industry, construction industry and other fields of activity.

Depending on the field of application and the size of its particles, perlite is produced in the most common varieties:

  • building perlite (fraction 0.16 … 1.25 mm);
  • agroperlite (expanded perlite granule size 1 … 5 mm);
  • filterperlite (the size of granules is 0 … 0.16 mm).

Application of perlite.

In construction ndustry. Perlite is used as a heat-insulating material (60% of the total volume of use), as a filler for the manufacture of lightweight concrete and mortars. On the basis of perlite, the blocks and bricks for masonry of walls, plates for furnish of premises are made.

The expanded perlite is used by construction industry to increase the characteristics of heat and sound insulation and fire safety of erected structures. It should be noted, the use of expanded perlite leads to reducing of the weight and volume of structures.

Perlite is an abrasive material.

To build the playgrounds and golf courses, perlite is added to the soil before sowing the grass.  As result, the field surface does not flooded / erode in time of rainy periods, does not dry out and protects the grass cover from drying for drought periods.

Perlite is added to oil-cement cements designed to pin the oil and gas wells.

In housing and communal services, perlite is used to clear the water after its chemical disinfection and before the water will be delivered to the consumer. Also, perlite is used to clean wastewater.

In industry, perlite is used as:

  • an adsorbent шn the process of filling еру oil or fuel oil,
  • the filter to clean the wines, sugar syrups, beer, fruit juices, vegetable oils, pharmaceuticals, etc.


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