Rubble quartzite

Quartzite is a natural stone, a rock consisting mainly of quartz grains that merge into a solid dense mass.

Quartzite is widely used by construction. Quartzite of gray and dark-gray colors is most often produced. The strength of quartzite is lower than the strength of granite.

The main application of quartzite rubble is – roads and runways piling. Most of the runways of European airports are built using quartzite rubble.

Concrete, made of quartzite rubble, is wear-resistant. This concrete  is widely used by railway and roads construction.

Quartzite rubble has a very low moisture permeability. Due to low moisture absorption, all operations with quartzite rubble can be executed in the rain-time.

The frost resistance of quartzite is very high. Accordingly, all operations with quartzite rubble  can be executed in low-temperature time.

Quartzite rubble has a low level of radioactivity.

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Quartzite rubble 20 – 40 from 125,00
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