One of the most demanded products of oil refining gasoline – a liquid combustible mixture of light hydrocarbons obtained from the processing of crude oil. It is used everywhere for filling of railway and motor transport, aviation engineering, electrical installations and various equipment.

Company “PC “Energy Resources of Ukraine” supplies the wholesale volume of gasoline. Be sure – we work to provide our Clients with the required volume of highest quality gasoline at the earliest possible time. We supply gasoline from reliable producers only – the fuel meets the established standards and undergoes stringent laboratory quality control.

Products Product type Price, UA hrn*
Gasoline E-95 (PKN Orlen S.S.) 10ppm from 35 450,00
* The provided price list is not a public offer. All prices are for 1 ton, VAT inclusive, “EXW” terms.


The cost of the ton of products depends on the volume of the order and terms of delivery – we provide services for the transportation of ordered goods to the Client’s objects.

To buy the gasoline in bulk with delivery to your destination as soon as possible, to take the complete information about our products, order T&D, please, contact our sales department:

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