Mineral powder

Mineral powder is an important active structural component of asphalt concrete. Due to own ability to absorb the bitumen, the mineral powder gives asphalt concrete the necessary qualities – mechanical strength, the ability to elastic and plastic deformations, which significantly improves the quality of the road surface, increases its service life and provides significant savings in operation. The life term of a mineral powder is not limited.

The production of mineral powder is based on the crushing and fine grinding of limestone and dolomite, as well as crushing the solid waste from industrial production. Mineral powder is used to manufacture the artificial asphalt  by asphalt concrete factories, where the mineral powder serves as a filler, increases the viscosity and ability of bitumen to improve the better adhesive effect.

Company “PC “Energy Resources of Ukraine” supplies all types of mineral powder.  We provide our Clients by the required volume of quality products at the earliest possible time.


Mineral powder name Mineral powder type Mineral powder application
MP-1 Activated and not activated from carbonate rocks Asphalt mixes rubble-mactic and organomineral (State Standards 9128, 31015, 30491)
MP-2 From carbonate rocks and solid waste industrial production Asphalt mixes of grades II and IIIC and organomineral (State Standards 9128, 30491)
Industrial waste powders Asphalt mixes of mark IIIC and organomineral (State Standards 9128, 30491)
Carbonate flour Carbonate flour
  • filler for dry building mixtures
  • glass making
  • production of mixed fodders
  • liming of soils
  • manufacturing of bituminous coatings

(State Standards 14050-93, 26826-86)

Mineral activated powder: material is obtained during grinding of rocks or solid industrial wastes with the addition of activated substances during grinding of bituminous rocks, including combustible shale.

Activating substances: a mixture of surfactants (SAPs) or products containing surfactants.

The carbonate base: species is a sedimentary rock consisting of more than 50% of one or more carbonate minerals, such as limestone, dolomite and transitional species.

The non-carbonate base: sediment or igneous rock, consisting of more than 50% of siliceous minerals, such as molds, trepils, tuffs, sandstones, granites.

Powders of industrial production: industrial waste that does not require grinding, such as ash slag mixtures-waste of thermal power plants, dust removal of cement plants, metallurgical slags, etc.


Products Product type Price, UA hrn*
Mineral powder Activated from 980,00
Mineral powder Non-activated from 1250,00
Carbonate flour from 680,00
*The provided price list is not a public offer. All prices are for 1 ton, VAT inclusive, “EXW” terms.

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Mineral powder Certificates:

ООО “Природна нерухомість” ДП “Закупинський кар’єр”
ОАО “Доломіт”